BEC Training Center adalah tempat kursus Bahasa Inggris yang berlokasi di Depok, Bekasi dan Jakarta, tempat belajar yang akan membantu meningkatkan kemampuan Conversation (Percakapan) bahasa Inggris Anda.
At BEC Training Center students will find learning fun, effective, easy, and efficient. Learners will be involved in learning activities like pair and group works, role plays, discussions, case study, simulations, as well as games.

BEC Training Center is an English Training Center  with focus to provide Individual, Group and  In-company English Language Training.

We are very pleased to present you with a free one hour training on Corporate Training at your office. 
BEC Training Center designs customized training programs based on your needs and specifications, such as General English, Business English, Conversation Program, Presentation Skills, Meeting Skills, Marketing etc. As Indonesia emerges into the global market we understand the need for training at an international level; to not only compete, but stay ahead of your competition. Our record speaks for itself, all of our clients have maintained long standing relationships with us based on the results they have accomplished from our training programs.

BEC Training Center  ensures the participants can communicate effectively and confidently with people around their environment - Achieve confidence in English business communications.

BEC Training Center understands your needs and the needs of the participants - As an institution we are the English business communications specialist in Jakarta and  provide training to people in need.
Ferry S.  Wibowo, S.E., M.Pd.
English Learning Specialist